Tuesday, 28 June 2011

As many of you know, I have organised a protest outside the Cumberland Infirmary for this Monday between 12 noon and 2pm. I now know that the BBC's 'The One Show', which is on nightly at 7pm with Chris Evans will be filming the actual demonstration. They will also be filming with me on Thursday and Friday at other locations.

This is our BIG CHANCE to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer to an NHS Trust that has brushed off our concerns with 'No Comment' at every approach, and even threatened legal action over reporting of events on my Blog. www.danielsencier.blogspot.com

PLEASE make the effort to come on Monday at 12 noon and bring a friend if you wish.

Our aims are...

                 To get a better deal for newly diagnosed Prostate Cancer Patients in Cumbria, and to keep existing cancer patients better informed. 

                 To have a local NHS Trust who will listen to it's community and act on their concerns rather than 'No comment'.

It will not be a noisy protest, there is an elderly people's residence near the entrance to the hospital and I have promised the Police that we will not cause any distress by shouting or blowing whistles etc.

Bring a placard or a banner. You can easily make your own out of paper or an old sheet, a piece of board or side of a cardboard box. Hey, we're not professional demonstrators we must use what we can.

What to write? 'Broken Trust', 'Lost Trust', 'Prostate Cancer Post Code Lottery', 'Tell the Truth', 'We love our hospital'...the list is endless, use your imagination.

The Police will be in attendance to make sure that there is no trouble, which I don't expect and we must not let happen.

Both the local MP's Rory Stewart and John Stevenson support us, but both are in London on the day.

If we have a poor turnout then this will send a message to the Trust that they can simply 'No Comment' to any of our concerns in the future, and it could be one of your loved ones in the future who suffers unnecessarily as a result.

So whoever you are and whatever your situation, please try and see the good in what I am trying to do here. This will not work if you don't show up, and if you do, it could make an amazing difference to our future health care in Cumbria.

Please E Mail me back before 9am tomorrow morning if you will be there. E mail me at dansencier@yahoo.co.uk if you have any questions.

But most of all PLEASE be there.

Thank You

Dan Sencier

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