Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Today I have contacted the Police, informing them of our date for protest. Unless things change we are looking at...

Monday 4th July between noon and 2pm

Put this in your diary because we need as many supporters as we can get if you want to change this rotten system with its bad attitude.

Always keep in mind throughout all of this that this is not an attack on our dedicated nurses, doctors and support workers who strive to do the best for the people of Cumbria. It is about putting the spotlight on the Management of an NHS Trust that thinks it perfectly acceptable to send a very threatening solicitors letter to a cancer patient who only wanted to improve the experience of future patients. 
I made it clear in minuted meetings with the Trust last year, that I was never looking for monetary compensation or to damage the Trusts reputation in any way, I only ever wanted serious change!!

I am also making contact with the National Union of Students and Local Trade Unions, both of which I am a member. If you can help in anyway please contact me, I am new to this!

My e mail is

I would like to thank John Stevenson (Carlisle MP)  for his public support over this matter.

More support messages...

"I don't know u but i have read ur story, my dad has prostate cancer and the infirmary lost his m.r.i scans 4 18 wks!!!!! as 4 my poor mum they told her in a hosp corridor she didn't have long, if my life depended on it id never get treated at that place and i need treatment, but they are incompetent, good luck with everything ur trying 2 do!!!!"


"Daniel you are absolutely right to take this forward. North Cumbria Trust needs to be taken to bits and put back together by someone who knows how to run it for the benefit of patients. It seems they forget their primary role a little too often. Good on them for the solicitor's letter though - you couldn't buy that level of publicity at any price."


Letter sent to Trust by supporter...

"It is very rare I am moved to write such an email as this. I am writing to you to complain in the most strong way possible about the abhorrent treatment that Daniel Sencier has received. It is beyond belief that you should chose to victimise a cancer patient who was merely exercising his right to free speech. Could you please explain why you felt the need to try and silence an ill man because he was critical of his care. May I ask as why you are so scared of the truth?"


"I would suggest that whoever sanctioned the letter could at the very least resign their post, causing distress to a cancer patient to hush up bad PR is the trait of a corrupt and self serving NHS upper management and their paid for mouth pieces."

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