Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Talked to 'The One Show' team again today. If anyone attending the protest has any objections to being filmed please let me know.    We can always allow you to wear sunglasses and a false beard.

In answer to many of your questions...

No, I have not heard from the Trust at all since the legal letter was sent to me by their solicitors. You can see a copy of this letter on May 28th of this Blog, along with my reply.

Banners will be provided but you can bring your own if you wish.

Yes, the Police are aware and happy with our arrangements.

Both BBC and ITV will be covering at a local level and BBC on National broadcast.

Yes, I hope it's not raining too!!!

No, the local Prostate Cancer support group are not involved in this.

Meeting time is 12 noon outside the main entrance of the hospital.

Not sure yet if local MP is attending.

Could the protest be called off? Only if the Trust are willing to enter into talks, aimed at bringing about positive change within a strict time frame to newly diagnosed Prostate Cancer patients.

What next? If I do nothing after the 4th July then the Trust will have won by staying silent and doing nothing. 
I have new ideas that we will pursue until newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients at this hospital can be confident of the same service as they would receive in other leading hospitals. Your post-code should not determine the quality of your experience.

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  1. "Your post-code should not determine the quality of your experience" - AMEN TO THAT!