Wednesday, 29 June 2011

I am getting massive support via e mail, letters, texts and phone calls which confirm that a large number of people, not only in Cumbria but around the country, believe that their NHS Trust ignores the voice of their community. 

This support is great BUT...

We must transfer that support into feet on the ground outside the front entrance of the Cumberland Infirmary this Monday at 12 noon. Our big chance in front of National television to make change! Thank you to my family, friends and others who have pledged to be there; to make a difference.

If the turn out is poor, the North Cumbria NHS Trust will feel free to 'No Coment' to every problem that they face in the future! Though I will continue to protest alone every month outside the hospital until they are willing to talk.

Please don't let this chance pass by, and if you genuinely can't make it because of illness, work, holiday, out of the country etc. then please send a friend to represent you.

Thank you so much

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