Monday, 27 January 2014

10 things I miss about England...

I might struggle with this, but it's a bit of fun…

1.   Broadband speed…We can only use one device at a time in the house, if   Beverley wants to Skype, the football streaming starts to judder and you can never rely on the service to always be there. 

2.   Fish and Chips…What I'd give to have lunch at the 'Fryery' in Carlisle! Though I certainly don't miss Carlisle!

3.   Walking in the hills…You can't do that here, and the danger isn't wild animals, it's people!

4.   Snow…I love snow and although it's been seen in winter here, not in the quantities that I like it!

5.   No biting insects…Everything bites here and the spiders jump to get you. I have to spray myself every morning!

6.   Friends…yes, friends.

7.   Family…but to be fair, we talk more now on Skype than we ever did face to face in the England.

8.   The freedom... of living without electric fences, razor wire, alarm systems and armed response; though I find that a little exciting too!

9.   Guinness….you can get it here but it's not as you know it :-) even at £1.50 a pint, it must suffer during the boat trip from Dublin.

10. The water pressure…It piddles out of the shower and if someone flushes the toilet or fills the kettle, it's gone!

No certain order, but if I had to put one top, it would have to be the 'Fryery special', with tea and mushy peas'.

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  1. I miss some of those things too, the friends, family and of course no biting insects! We're good for the rest here, especially snow:)