Sunday, 8 June 2014

Top 10 Prostate Cancer Blogs 2014. Did we make it?

Healthline, an international company with headquarters in SanFrancisco, have just voted our blog 2nd in the top 10 of all Prostate Cancer blogs 2014. 

Here's what they said….

"Daniel Sencier started his blog, Prostate Cancer – Our Journey, after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June of 2010. What began as a means of keeping friends and family informed of his health now acts as an engaging diary.
Daniel writes about his travels, the people he meets, and, most recently, about moving from England’s Lake District to South Africa. He has retained a PSA of 0 for the past three years. Prostate Cancer – Our Journey reflects this shift, chronicles his journey, and offers bits of wisdom about life beyond cancer."

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