Saturday, 23 October 2010

Another week passes! Car failed MOT this week but apart from that, a fantastic week. Thorp Perro arboretum and gardens is well worth a visit if you get the chance. It's about 85 minutes drive from Penrith over to Bedale in North Yorkshire, but wow, what a treat when you get there.

Best news of the week was that I have one of my daughters, Chantal, staying with me on Christmas Day this year. First time I have been with any of my kids stay on that day for over 10 years, so really looking forward to it.

Tomorrow my case goes before the MDT meeting at Addenbrookes, so I hope to get some feedback very shortly after that. I have joined a chat room on the 'Prostate Cancer Charity' site, and had some very useful feedback from others who have been through similar stuff recently. A guy called Keith wrote an encouraging note back to me....

"Daniel, I was diagnosed with similiar numbers to you 5yrs ago. I took a year to make up my mind to have surgery.
I would advise that if you are to have surgery start getting as fit as possible - start today. Especially the pelvic floor exercises.
It will speed up your recovery time.
By the way I will be celebrating with a very large bottle of champagne on the 26th Oct which is my 5 yr cancer free anniversary.
There is hope.

If you are close family of mine, ha ha, there's not many; you might find this site very useful for support. You have to register, but it's where you can contact other relatives in a similar position to yourselves; give it a try. The link is on the top of the page, just under my photo on the right.

STOP PRESS: I've just been told that my appointment has come through for Addenbrookes...9.30a.m. on Monday 1st November. Yipeee!!!! They ask me to come with a full bladder, as they need to do a 'urine speed speed flow test' on arrival; is that taking the piss or what? At last, some movement, I'm delighted!

It was great to get that appointment in the post today, but it was followed by a strange happening tonight. At 7p.m., the PALS unit from Carlisle phoned, regarding my letter to them 5 weeks ago. Yes, 5 weeks!!! They wanted to know if they needed to take any further action. I was fairly stunned. I said "no", because when I complained to them, it was not with the intention of getting anyone into trouble, it was just to get treatment. But why did they phone me on a Friday evening, 5 weeks after I had complained, and on the same day that I got the appointment to go to Addenbrookes? Coincidence?

Apparently there is an NHS rule that, from the time of seeing your Consultant, to the time of starting treatment, no longer than 18 weeks should pass, even in non urgent cases. It says on the NHS website.... 

 "This right is a legal entitlement protected by law, and applies to the NHS in England." 

I have waited over 20 weeks now, and I have had no treatment. Have the NHS broken the law?

My Blog next week will be posted after my visit to Addenbrookes, probably on Tuesday, so that I can give you a fresh update after the appointment. Let's see if we can get this out of the way before Christmas!

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