Friday, 8 October 2010

Thanks for those kind words yesterday Silv, I hope things go well for you too, stick in there girl. x

My blood group is B Positive, a small reminder at times like this. I only know that because in the Army, your religion is stamped on your dog tags, along with your name, number and blood group. This is useful so that you can easily be identified if wounded, and then either be given a blood transfusion with the correct match, or a burial using the correct format according to your beliefs. I suppose it will be replaced with a bar code eventually. I like it in the war films, when a soldier finds his dead colleague, how he just rips off the tags and puts them in his pocket. Let me tell you, the cord on those tags is like cheese wire, and if pulled with such a sharp force would more than likely decapitate you.

I don't know about you, but over the last few months I have had an astounding increase in the number of e mails I am getting from African Dictators, Thai Princesses and Russian drug Barons! The format is always the same, in that they have stumbled across £1500,000,000, in a bank account owned by a guy who died in a plane crash, and nobody knows about this money but them. They need to transfer it to my bank account to get it out of the country, and then they will give me 40% of it as a reward. I've asked the Manager of my bank in Penrith, which would be the most suitable account to have this £600,000,000 transferred into, after all, I don't want to draw attention to myself. He said they could arrange for me to have my own ATM cash machine built into my kitchen wall, beside the fridge, or I could just buy the bank and live there. I am hoping that I don't have to draw the other £900,000,000 out in cash, because my current limit is £300 a day, and that could take some time.

Every time I buy something, where I give my name and address, I always tick the little box which allows me anonymity. However, the more I buy, the more the junk mail increases, but I can never identify the source. I had an idea a few weeks ago, and it's just started to blossom. Instead of 'Mr' as my title, I choose a different title; you should try it. To date I have been Lord Sencier, Viscount Sencier and Bishop Sencier. All very fetching titles I think, but a bit confusing to the Postman as he delivers to the 2nd from end Terrace House in the little market town of Penrith. Do you think this is illegal? Now I am just waiting for my first unsolicited mail to arrive, before I run out of titles!

I've now realised that I will never know all the names in our group of 24 at Uni. After just a few weeks, one has left and the others have divided into what I call, 'natural groups'. Strange how humans do that, but other animals do that also. When you see the individual groups take from, it's difficult to realise why that particular permutation occurred; was it age, looks, smell, fashion? I don't know. So there's, Paul, J, Carly, Sarah, Paz, Patrick, Ella and that's it I think. I still talk to the others, but it would have been easier if our photos had all gone up on day one, or even if we all had different leaves. Hope I have more luck memorising the 30 trees!

Statistically on the Blog, we are averaging around 80 a day just now, of which I believe about half to be regular hits, and the others random searches. I can't tell who the hits are but I can tell exactly where they are, and the method they use to access the Blog; so that's a big clue. 75% are in the UK and the other 25% dotted around all over the world. It's nice to go on the Blog in the evening and see up to 30 people reading it at the same time. It is not only monitored by individuals but also by some larger organisations, such as the Prostate Cancer Charity, understandably. The CSA are regular viewers, hoping they can find the £600,000,000 left to me by the Russian Drug Baron, and Whitbread, nervous about my participation in, 'Why you should be scared to eat out' revelations, coming up on TV soon.

Andre and the Sunfower
Andre with transport

Andre with Nicky & Minush
Andre preparing for a Happy Christmas

 Just thought I would end today's Blog with some photos of my younger brother Andre (from many years ago!). He hasn't been dealt the best hand in life, but I've always felt close to him. He's a really nice guy and even though we don't see each other much, we do keep in touch a few times a week. Best wishes for the future Andre, and stay strong.

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