Friday, 1 October 2010

I wasn't going to write a Blog today, felt a bit deflated. I phoned Carlisle Royal Infirmary to check if the Consultant, Mr Eronini had received my referral back from Newcastle. I spoke to his secretary who confirmed that it had arrived and was on his desk. At that point things looked promising, until with her next breath she said,"unfortunately he's not back from holiday until next week". After I had finished speaking to her, I phoned the Macmillan Nurse, who was off until Tuesday, the Urology Nurses who are on call 24 hours, and got their voice mail, and my doctor who said there was really nothing he could do. When I raised the possibility of going Private, he suggested that may be a bad idea, because I was well up the NHS list now and going private at this stage may even mean a longer delay on my treatment.

Beverley is also not well today, she didn't go to work and she has to be dying to take time off. She's very disappointed about having to cancel her dive on Wast Water; 6 weeks before the next chance.

So I just need to go sit down and chill a bit now, knowing that there are people in the NHS system in a far more serious condition than I am, and be grateful that I live in a country where treatment is available!
Go on, print it off and have a drink on me!

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  1. Bad luck on the docs hols :( chin up though, hopefully the week will fly by! :)
    hope Beverley feels better soon & you're looking after her properly!!
    Big hugs to you both! Xxx