Saturday, 2 October 2010

Beverley has passed her bug to me so I'm not feeling too good today; another short Blog, sorry!

After talking at length to Beverley, Paul and Sue last night, I've decided to ask my doctor to refer me privately to Addenbrookes. I just can't risk that Mr Eronini will come back off his holiday, take a week to look at my notes, then send me an appointment for two weeks after that, and then decides to refer me to Mr McNutter in Glasgow, who is taking 3 months paternity leave!

Golf and nothing but golf on the radio all weekend, I can understand anyone playing golf, I've tried it myself and it's fun, but can you believe 5000 people actually standing on a course watching some guys hitting a very small ball with stick, who they can barely see in the distance.

Today's photographic treat is my brother Paul standing in front of the spin dryer, and beside the gas boiler which was used to boil our sister Jacqueline's nappies; I'll never forget that smell..................

My brother Paul in his Scout's uniform

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