Sunday, 30 October 2016

'Academy of Royal Medical Colleges', your misleading information is going to kill thousands of men.

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges all but rubbished the PSA test as significant in detecting early Prostate Cancer. How wrong could they be! Even the UK Prostate Cancer Charity have condemned them, along with numerous other cancer experts.

Statistically, at least 4 of the men in this photo either have or will get prostate cancer, and one of them will die from it.
My guess is that most of them have regular PSA testing! Caught early enough they could have treatment and make a full recovery.

If you believe them, and now decide not to have regular PSA testing after the age of 50, you could die needlessly of this disease. 

Why might you believe them? Because they have the word 'Royal' in their title? Because they look like a clever bunch? They're not; far from it!

Incredibly, looking through their members list, there is not a single Oncologist (cancer specialist) or even a Urologist (prostate speciality area). How could they possibly make this decision which flies in the face of all knowledge? 
I can give you the names of dozens of widows, who, if only their husbands had been having PSA testing, their condition would have been diagnosed earlier and they would have been living happily in retirement with them today.

Instead, they nursed them through a terrible death after the disease was diagnosed too late, as they were not having that crucial PSA testing.

This advice will save the government a vast amount of money, but it will also cause the premature death of thousands of men. 

I will be writing to the CEO Alastair Henderson, who is responsible for allowing this misleading information to be published. The Chair of Trustees, Charles Winstanley, must also take some responsibility and I will be informing him of my concerns.  

The message going forward for the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges must be, don't give advice on something you know little about!

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