Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Can you help with my research?

I'm currently undertaking research for 'Airboat Afrika'. http://www.airboatafrika.com/home-port/ 

Contact: Daniel@AirboatAfrika.com

Airboat Afrika is an international operator 
and the largest airboat supplier in Africa, 
most recently working 
with the U N World Food Programme (WFP).

The CEO, Christian Grosch, is a friend of mine, and we met while I was working in Johanennesburg. 

I'm looking at the possibilities of airboat provision here in South East Asia, in particular, linked to flood disaster areas

Due to the high population density, they immediately require emergency services starting with search & rescue, evacuation and subsequently, distribution of food, tents, medical equipment etc.

In flooded areas, airboats can reach most areas that a helicopter can, and often act as a static base.
The driver/pilot needs just a few days training. The overall cost of supply/operation is less than 20% that of a helicopter.

Airboat Afrika have worked with the World Food Programme, most recently in Malawi, where our equipment made a vast difference to the humanitarian outcome. 

I'm looking for contacts that you may have in any of the large Charities/NGO's regardless of where they are, or how small the contact might be. 
Contacting the right people in these companies is difficult without it feeding through internally. So if you have a brother, sister, daughter, son or any other friend or relative working for any charity or NGO, I would be grateful for their contact details. 

Alternatively you may like to forward my contact details to them. 

Examples of Charities/NGO's (but there are 100's more)...

Red Cross
Save the Children
World Food Programme
International Rescue Commitee
Wildlife Conservation Society

Many thanks for your help,

Best wishes,

Daniel Sencier 



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