Friday, 25 June 2010

62 people have viewed the blog and some have signed up; great! I am a bit worried about how different people view the content, or even the idea of making this blog. I know such a variety of people, with many religions, personalities and cultural backgrounds involved; such has been my life! It is not possible to write this blog in such a way to please and make everyone comfortable. Reminds me of running pubs when the bar was full and a customer would ask me to change the music. I couldn't put everyone's choice of music on at the volume they wanted; but I could put my music on, aimed at the majority. They could then choose whether to stay!
Going to a 'Woolfest' in Cockermouth today; haven't got a clue what I am in for but I suspect 'wool' is involved.
MRI scan still over a week away and I feel great; so may as well enjoy this coming week. England to beat Germany on Sunday? I hope so, but the Germans have shown to be more of a 'team' than our lads so far.
I've decided that, 'you can read too much', and that's probably a bad idea. Just looking forward to the start of term in September. Beverley is a bloody Superstar!!!

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  1. Love the photo...let's hear it for the Dublin viking roar....Rrrooooaaaaaarrrrr!!!....How's that you barrrstaaards!!!!.ps your the superstar Daniel xxx