Saturday, 26 June 2010

Got a letter from my doctor this morning...'good news, your recent blood test has shown that your cholesterol level has gone down slightly'! Now there's a bonus :-)
Better news still...I now get free prescriptions for life! Sasha says I look for the 'perks' in everything!. Talking to my Urology Nurse yesterday, I said "one thing is puzzling me". "What's that?" she said. I replied, "What did I used to think of all day before I had this diagnosis?" We both laughed. I suppose the point was, we fill our heads with thoughts regardless everyday. What was important one day might fade into insignificance when other news arrives!
Another friend asked me if I was offended by some of the comments that had been left on the blog. Not at all! Anyone who knows me well also knows that I love that approach to serious stuff. There does come a point when things get so bad sometimes that you just have to laugh and joke. You'll see what I mean after the England v Germany match tomorrow! Great for Ireland that France went out though!
Another question I have been asked is about religion. My faith!!? I think I will leave that until tomorrow. Being a Sunday and all that!
Chaz E Mailed me today for my weekly score rating. (How I am feeling in my head) I gave him a 9 out of 10 which is damn good hey? 10 only happens during an orgasm. Might get a 10 later today but may have to get used to peaking, mainly at 9's for a few months soon!
The 'Wool Fest' was great yesterday. Only Denise and Nikki showed up but what a great day. Lots of different breeds of sheep in pens at one end of Cockermouth Cattle Market and hundreds of stalls with everything you can make out of a sheep and how to do it. Not lamb chops or butcher shop stuff! Just the woolly stuff, like rope, jumpers, shawls etc. Weaving looms, spinning wheels and the like. The people who were there were more interesting than any of the exhibits. Tree hugging, spiritual, natural, vegitarian, earthy (mainly women) lovely people. I wondered... what if sheep were the dominant creature on the planet? All the pens in the market would contain humans and the stalls would contain products made from us!!! What would those be? And how would they opperate the tiny buttons on my didgital camera with those clumsy hooves?