Sunday, 27 June 2010

So, religion? Will it help me to get through this? I am deeply religious but not in the conventional sense. My Mother's family are Catholic but my Father, having explored many religions, was a Zen Buddhist until he died. (and probably still is!) I have read up on most religions and respect them all. Though I also acknowledge that organised religion has been responsible for more death and torture throughout the centuries than any other force! I am sure that there is a creator and I don't believe that all this Universe happened by accident! If we call that creator 'God', then that's fine by me. The answer is out there, somewhere between the infinity of inner and outer space, but we will never be clever enough to work it out. I am just happy to be part of it, knowing that I always will. The beginning and the end are not very relevant, it's how you enjoy the journey that counts, and how people remember you.
3 hours to kick off now and the BBQ needs lighting. David & Laura, Beverley's son and his girlfriend joining us. (lovely couple)
I am going for an England win on penalties....Come on England!

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  1. penalties......we wish!!!!!! Back to Wimbledon instead X x x x