Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Ah what a day! Drove over to Knaersborough to see Sasha, Lucienne, Maria & Sofia. So good to see everyone, especially Maria after such a long time. Chantal, we could have made it a record! Very hot day! Took Luci to the station then went for an ice cream with Maria and Sofia. After that, Sasha drove my car into town and back with us three as passengers. Not too scary, we lost one L plate! Then Maria and Sofia got picked up and that left me and Sasha to watch the footie. Half time just now; she hates it!! We had a takeaway but nearly threw up, so washed it down with a cheese and onion toastie. All part of my new health conscious diet!
My psa level in 2006 was 0.8, then in 2008 was 1.8 but my recent one was 4.2. Only of interest to my brother Paul at this stage I guess. Good luck on Thursday mate.
I suppose the next 3 weeks are going to be good, because I will have nothing to report medically and I do feel great. Will cross the MRI result when I come to it; one day at a time hey?
Can't wait to see Beverley tomorrow, until you've had a hug from her, you've never lived!
Got a great text from David yesterday, thanks mate you're a top guy from a top Mum!
Man U Dave in Inverness...we've got many a match to go hey? Thanks for the updates.


  1. No your just as good at cooking as me...you just need to find the ingredients in the cupboards!!! Glad you had a lovely time with the girls. xxx