Monday, 28 June 2010

Doctors this morning, just routine to check my mental state after the diagnosis. Still mental so no change! I get a free health check every 6 months now and free prescriptions including the cost of hair pieces if I need one. Could do with a big hairy chest!
Went to see my good friends Sue (mother of my 3 eldest daughters) and Simon at Langdale. Good straight talk on the balcony whilst the weather systems worked their way down the valley. Will have to do wine instead of coffee next time. Thank you Maureen, my new Wican friend for the crystals and diet advice; felt very posotive when I left. I may become a Witch!
Tomorrow, it's over to Knaersborough to see Sasha, Lucienne, Maria & Snofia. Four daughters in one day, must be a family record in recent years! Hope they can all stay friends until I get there; and Sue says if the cats are missing, so will all of you be when she gets back!!
Another day passes and all is well. Tick, tock, tick, tock .......


  1. Anonymous28 June, 2010

    keep blogging big boy this is getting addictive

  2. Can't wait to see you, Dad! Cat stew for lunch xxx

  3. Thank me old mate, hope your results turn out good! As for you Sasha, I'd rather have a chinky....NOOOTTTT!!!!