Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Well, we had this Chinese takeaway; mine looked dodgy and didn't smell that good and I left half of it. However, Sasha wolfed the lot before I could blink! The rest happened overnight as I slept. Somebody was yodeling in my dreams, that might have been Sasha!
Walked into town for some lunch, discussing how dangerous some drivers could be, when a passing car tore the wing mirror off a parked car beside us, just to confirm our beliefs!
Great to sit and chat for hours about everything. Sasha so pleased that Ceej likes his new job and I'm really happy for him too. Makes one realise how little effort we put in sometimes to keep in touch with family; cancer was just the boost I needed :-)
Prostate cancer is not a sudden meeting with the Grim Reaper, it's a 'Slow dark waltz with the Angel of Death'. Isn't that lovely? Then I get to go home.
Talked to Paul, my brother, on the way back. He was saying what a great idea the blog is for updates, not just medical but all the little family and friends stuff too. At the start, a few people joined up that I forgot to thank and I would like to thank you all now. Caroline is the latest, my friend in Edinburgh; welcome to you also.
If you do look in occasionally, think about joining up hey; I'm told that it is very easy.
Nice to be back in Penrith with Beverley; though it's my turn to cook tonight; she's much better at that stuff!
Cynthia, if you're still there, I'm waiting for you :-)
Not many people talking about the World Cup now......why is that?

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  1. Love you, Dad! was great seeing you! Next time lets stick to the Indian! xxx