Thursday, 30 September 2010

100th Birthday of the Blog 

Did I really write that much?

"I have started this Blog after having been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer on Friday 18th June 2010. It will serve several purposes. It is a way of keeping family and friends informed. (don't stop calling!) It may help others in a similar situation who I hope will also win their battle; and it will help me to focus in the months ahead".

Yes, that's what I wrote as the heading for the very first Blog and it has been the 'flag' ever since. So how has it worked out so far? Well it has kept my family and friends informed, that's for sure. We have 26 followers, including our latest only yesterday, a big welcome to 'Australian Satirist' who has an extremely interesting Blog himself; check it out. 26 followers (the inner circle I call it) may not seem many, but it is a fraction of those who view the Blog every day, which is now averaging around 90 to 100 and growing. People tend not to comment via the Blog but it does bring me many e mails, texts and phone calls which is just fantastic. I know from these communications that the Blog has helped others, and it has been part serialised on local radio, with a more prominent spot planned on the morning show, going out in October. It has also helped me beyond belief, far more than I could ever have imagined when Sasha made the suggestion back in June. It is something that I look forward to producing on a daily basis, never knowing what I am going to say, and it has been a real anchor in some very choppy waters. 

Sometimes your support might come as a simple text saying 'good luck today', or an e mail saying 'loved the Blog, made us all laugh', but don't ever underestimate just how these little touches make such a massive difference to my day. Added together, they are the main reason I have grown in strength after those dark days in June. I would like to also thank some very special people who have been there constantly for me throughout all of this, and always there when needed. Beverley, what a star, always there with a smile and a laugh, pretending not to be as worried as me; you are such a very special person and so many people love you, but not as much as I do girl! My daughter Sasha, who phones, hardly missing a day (and needs a car if anyone out there has some money?), also Lucienne and Chantal, always in touch and ready to help if needed. Paul my older brother, (he tells everyone he's younger!) pushing me to get things sorted whilst having worries of his own. Sue, for all her well informed advice help and support. Paul, my mate at Uni, always a joke to share, a laugh to be around, and promising to push my wheelchair next term :-). Man U Dave, there on the texts with every footie match. Finally Chaz, my friend from way back, for keeping tabs on me every week. 
To end this 100th Blog I am going to repeat something that I said at the beginning, and you must, on reading this think very hard....Is there anyone that you could help by passing this message on to them?

"My advice to all men over 50 is this. Every year, without fail, go to your doctor and ask to have your blood tested for psa, the chemical that only the prostate gland produces. You will get the result the following week. Even if it is slightly raised, say 3 or 4, (mine was 4.6) ask your doctor to examine you internally. It may put your doctor off lunch, but hey, what price? Your doctor will then know, as mine did, whether or not to send you to a specialist. If you catch this early your chances are very good! I had never felt fitter when I went to have my blood test, so don't be fooled into thinking that you need to feel unwell to have prostate cancer".

Me with my 'Nannan' in Ireland (she was lovely)
I dedicate this 100th Blog to my Grandmother, who planted 'good' in me.

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