Friday, 10 June 2011

I think that I'll start off with a bit of self indulgence this morning!

Those are the photographs taken by one of the national newspaper photographers who was kind enough to send me copies (Thanks Jeff). This morning I noticed that one of our local papers has started the ball rolling with a small article and it's also safe to say now that the Herald are running the story tomorrow. I say safe because the local Trust are an extremely powerful force in Cumbria, easily capable of suppressing the local media by legal means. The story has developed legs that I couldn't have hoped for a few weeks ago, and all because the Trust sent a threatening letter from their solicitors to one of their cancer patients. The idea was to frighten me away from my basic human right to 'peaceful demonstration' and to intimidate, by letting me know that they were monitoring my Blog.  

Without that letter I couldn't have hoped to bring as much attention to this failing organisation, and maybe it's appropriate now, that they are the instigators of their own decline. 

As for me...

"I do not believe in fate that falls on men however they act; but I do believe in fate that falls on them unless they act".

So the fight must go on until the people who are responsible for our health in Cumbria, wake up to the idea that OUR voice matters and that they are employed by us to LISTEN!

David Cameron said last week that, "The local community need to have a dialogue with their hospital, to help them to see where change is needed". Well I tried that David, and they shot my tail feathers off!


  1. Dear Mr. Sencier,

    I too would like to add my voice to the calls for reform within your local NHS Trust, as well as to condemn the disgraceful attitude of so-called public servants who have decided that they do not like you speaking up, and are actually threatening you with legal action.

    The problem seems to be that the 'Servants' have become the 'Masters', and as we well know, a dictatorship brooks no dissent.

    Keep up with the good work, always speak your mind, as I do on my own blogsite, and always remind your readers that they are the paymasters of this bunch of creeps masquerading as human beings!

  2. Well done on your determined campaign and I hope your health is holding up.

    I'll do what I can via the blogosphere to help increase awareness and add support to your cause. Best wishes!

  3. Anonymous11 June, 2011

    Do you have a contact email?

  4. Anonymous11 June, 2011

    Keep up the good work. Its a SCANDAL they can use our TAX PAYERS money to try to silence a very sick man, a very BRAVE man, a customer of theirs, a man who has RIGHT (its a basic human right to be able to complain if your not happy) on his side. They may be so called 'powerful people' but they dont have 3 things on their side........... TRUTH...... (they had to impose a eight-point ‘action plan’ to improve procedures) THE PUBLIC (look at the comments in the press 99% with you).........and the oxygen of publicity......A NATIONAL NEWSPAPER. KEEP IT UP !!!!!

  5. Hi Daniel. Just read about you in the paper. I hope you maintain your progress and your health continues to improve. And don't let the legal folk intimidate you.

  6. Anonymous11 June, 2011



    Never forget the power the media can bring. At The Patients WatchDog with over 30,000 members, unfortunately we come across stories like your all to often.

    Firstly, we would like to offer you our full support

    Looking at the issue of 18-weeks can I suggest you and any one reading this starts asking questions of their non executives directors at both the local PCT and Foundation Trust as these people are there to represent us.

    It is time that we the patients start holding the commissioners of our services to account which we can. If your foundation trust or PCT has failed to deliver what they have commission, then we the public can obtain a judicial review against them without the help of your local authority and overview and scrutiny committee.

    Finally, please remember what you are doing will help save lives, and when the managers of today's NHS stop hiding behind their own failures they might see what the problems are and start to resolve them and deliver a healthcare service that we once had.

  7. Anonymous13 June, 2011

    As someone who knows the internal corridors of this Trust all too well, I applaud your courage and your effort to highlight the issues that blight this Trust. It is sad that money so desperately needed for proactive treatment is wasted once again on solicitors protecting those very same people that should be protecting patients like you. Stay strong.