Wednesday, 23 June 2010

You know the best thing to come out of all this is how much closer this has made some of my family (not all!) and friends. Beverley has been amazing but then again, Beverley always is. Chantal, Luci and Sasha, great! Welcome to the blog. We all have our own way of dealing with stuff and you've have all shown your unique personalities over the last week in such a lovely way. My Sister, Cynthia sent me some tablets than can slow progression by 30% or more. They were not cheap and they are about the size of a small hot water bottle but you can bet I will take them! She may be petite but when Cynthia tells you to 'do it', it's easier to obey! The Prostate Cancer Charity sent me an information pack today, big enough to contain the entire human dna profile I thought; but very useful stuff. When I am recovered I can use it as a spare bed!
I think everyone knows now, either by mouth, e mail or Facebook. That's a big relief because you are never sure how people will react; I must be lucky because I have been 100% delighted with the support from everyone. It makes such a difference. Funny thing is, I was given a card by the hospital last week with my 'Key Worker' details on. A person who I can call at any time if I have any questions or worries! I have called several times, really just to see if they exist! Just an ansaphone every time and nobody has got back to me!
England kick off at 3pm; I would like them to win but it doesn't seem as important now. Come on England....but if they don't, roll on 4 years time!
My brother Paul has always been a great support to me, even though he has worries of his own. He is going to the doctors for a check up so I hope his turns out a better result. Then there's Andre my other brother, my good friend Andre. Always phones, always concerned, an all round good egg.


  1. Daniel, what are you doing to me...I have never ever, ever posted on a Blog before...your laughter, spirit , personality, family and friends will get you through this, oh and your acting skills...what, did you not tell everyone that you can burp on demand.....
    Love Diane (and Lee who is away tonight but will help me with technology tomorrow!)

  2. Ha Ha love it Diane, dragged into the future. Thank you so much, you are two of the nicest people I have come accross and I hope to be the sound engineer for many productions to come. Best wishes to you both; it's people like you that make it all worthwhile x

  3. Blimey Daniel - what a shocker! You have my love and best wishes of course and I'm sure your sense of fun, adventure and humour will get you through this. Stay positive, keep on laughing and know that you are well loved by many
    Sarah x

  4. Thanks Sarah, could be a topic for a play :-) mmm maybe not! Thankyou so much though, really nice of you and I think I'll take your advice x