Monday, 23 December 2013

How fast can you take your trousers off?

I found out tonight! Can't remember why I went to the bedroom, but there on the floor near the patio door, a lizard lay as if waiting for someone to open the door. I obliged thinking it would shoot straight out into the moist garden. No, it ran back into the room! I blocked it's run with my foot, thinking, that should be big enough to scare it. I've no idea what the lizard was thinking, but I think it saw my trouser leg as a safe dark tunnel to hide in.

I'm describing mili-seconds now… 

I could feel it's little legs scrambling up my leg, inside my trousers, but at the same speed I was pulling my pants off. I had nothing of value inside there but at the top lay some precious items that I wasn't going to risk to this unknown species. The trousers flew in the air, by luck I landed on the bed and somehow the lizard stuck to the wall where we both eyeballed each other with matching heartbeats. 

I put some shorts on and left the room, I wasn't going to play games with this fast mover. Later I saw him on the bathroom window, and as I opened it, I closed my mouth, just in case, but he happily jumped into the wide open outside. I need a better plan next time!

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