Monday, 30 December 2013

So what will you do in 2014 to change your life?

2013…What a year…

If you had said to me this time last year that I'd be writing from South Africa next year, I would have choked on my chips!

The year started well, I was finishing what was a fairly quiet year at Uni and Beverley had just sailed through her first Christmas at Thursby School, thinking she had the best job in the world! January to June became increasingly very hard work, but I got a zero PSA result in May and when we couldn't have asked for more, Beverley had an epiphany.

As the summer flowed through, it looked more and more likely that we would be joining Julie and Allan in Johannesburg, which we eventually did in November. Just before leaving I got another zero PSA (the 3 year all clear) which was just wonderful, though I had so many vaccinations I think I'm safe to sleep with wild animals and drink from drains now.

Sadly my Mum died on my birthday, 3rd December, and as it turned out, so did my relationship with Paul, Jacqueline and Andre, my siblings. I'd agreed with Mum not to go back to the UK for the funeral, but they couldn't come to terms with that. To make it worse, Mum appointed Paul and I as joint executors and we couldn't agree on anything…I think our Mum would have laughed herself to death; maybe that's why she did it.  

Happy New Year to everyone, especially the people of Penrith who we miss (sometimes :-) and the wonderful parents and children of Thursby Primary School, who still keep in touch. To our friends and families, we look forward to seeing as many of you who can make it down here in 2014. 
OK the flights cost a lot, but when else are you going to get free food and hotel in South Africa?

Don't call me at midnight tomorrow because it will be 2am here!!!

New Years Resolutions? Live every moment as though it's your last! 

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