Thursday, 16 September 2010

Got out of bed this morning fairly quickly, but as I headed towards the door, I felt like I was back on the ship to Amsterdam in that gale force 9. I sat down quickly and it soon passed. My 'jock itch' was no longer responding to the Trimovate cream, so I though it a good idea to try for a doctors appointment. Couldn't believe when they said,"can you come down in half an hour", I must be on the VIP list. I met a lovely friend in the waiting room, Diane, and we both greeted each other with, "how are you keeping", then laughed, because as we had just met in a doctors surgery, the answer was not going to be, "great, I'm really well", was it? Though she did look considerably better than I did :-)

The doctor called me in and I showed her the rash and explained the problem. She put on a pair of those latex gloves, (I would have) then decided that she needed to scrape some of the rash into an envelope, to send to the lab. Only then would they know which anti fungal cream to prescribe; but for now, it's just good old Canesten Cream to keep it under control. After laying on the couch for the scrape, she said,"OK, you can jump up now". I envisaged springing off the couch, doing a handspring, leading into a somersault and then landing on my feet in front of her. But as I slowly got up, I fell back again and the room seemed to turn slowly around me. It was half an hour before I could get up and then another half hour before I could leave the room. She checked my blood pressure, pulse, eyes and ears, finally consulting another doctor to get a second opinion. The first thing they did, was to reassure me that it was absolutely nothing to do with cancer. It was probably viral, and they prescribed Prochlorperazine tablets, which was a coincidence, because I nearly called my first daughter that. Only joking Chantal! I can't drive, drink alcohol or operate machinery, as the tablets may make me drowsy.

The doctor asked if I had anyone to take me home, so I phoned Beverley and the school but both on voice mail. I got hold of Ann who even dropped having her lunch to come to my aid.  I was so pleased to see her, because at that point, even the car park looked as if it had waves in it. She drove me around to the chemist and picked up my prescription, and it was whilst sitting in the car that normality started to return to my head. Thank you Sasha for your research into my new condition, "Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo', or 'BPPV' which I understand you have personal experience of. A big thank you also to Joy who saw me sitting on the 'old people's bench' outside the doctors and did offer to give me a lift home.

So that's it for today, I'm not going to 'blog on' anymore until tomorrow, because I need to rest.


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