Thursday, 23 September 2010

I wish that I had the time to tell you all about today; maybe I will on the weekend. The Wildlife Media, Forestry, and Conservation students, all went out for a very educational team bonding day around Lake Ullswater. However, I have just a very short time before I meet all the others down at the pub for a gathering. It rained very heavily all day today, and even though I had waterproofs on, it made little difference. You know when you are really wet, when it reaches your underpants, well mine were soaking. If I had pissed in them, it would have just made me warmer, not wetter!  I learnt more today about The Lake District, how it was formed geologically, it's ecosystem and history, than at anytime in the four years that I once lived on the shores of Ullswater. I was even shown a carnivorous plant that lives in the sphagnum moss. I have to go now while I still have the energy, I knew this week would be fast paced but I am enjoying every minute!        

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