Friday, 24 September 2010

They want to train ME up to drive the University Mini-Bus; well I'm up for it but I hope they know what they are doing. It's not the driving, it's the navigation that I am not so hot at, but there will be a dozen other people, and one of them will surely know the way.

I got a lovely E Mail today from Kim who moved to France recently, just to say how much she enjoys the blog, and offering to come over and put the Councillors who voted for the felling of the Tree, through the guillotine. Thanks for that Kim, we did have our chance in history and missed it, guess that's why we all want to live in France.

Last night, I gave up around 10 p.m. and went home. There have been many a time in my life where I have been the last man standing at the party, but it wasn't worth even trying to keep up with the youngsters. Penrith's pubs were teaming with very pissed students, who were going through the spirits in every bar like a cloud of locusts. They all seemed to be armed with a permanent marker and even I didn't escape being drawn on. 'Kiss my dick', was the inscription that I had to try and remove from my arm when I got up this morning. I tried soap, aftershave and Gin, managing to blur it at least, but I suspect I was removing a layer or two of skin in the process. However, when I arrived on campus this morning, my skin problems faded, as I was faced with the remnants of the night before. Some didn't even make it out of bed, but those who did had all tried various potions to remove the marker with some scary results!

So another week passes and I still have no appointment for the Freeman's Hospital in Newcastle. Maybe I have upset them and they are sulking, I don't know. I just have to believe that I am just not an urgent case and that they are a very competent outfit; there is no other way of looking at it without scaring myself. I have to pick up a letter from my Doctor on Monday, to prove to the University that I have Cancer. They will then be able to get funding which will be used to help me to study at home after surgery, and also someone to look after me in class for a few months until I am up to speed. Fantastic to get this kind of help and it will hopefully mean that I can pass the first year with acceptable marks.

So the fun week is over and we have all been inducted into everything from the Library to the Laboratories and the Cookhouse to the Countryside. On Monday, reality kicks in and away we go, the start of three glorious years, leading into my new career as .................?

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