Sunday, 19 September 2010

I am starting my 'Wildlife & Media'  degree tomorrow, but what is Toad trying to warn me about?
I am so looking forward to tomorrow, when Paul and I head off on the first day of our 3 year BA Hons Degree at Newton Rigg. A whole fresh set of people to work with and a completely different subject to last year. The Access course in Art & Design changed my outlook on life and helped me to give different priorities to many things; and if the list needed focusing any further, cancer certainly did that.

Check out this link if you want to see the, ' da Vinci' robotic surgery in full flow. It's great that we have people who can come up with this kind of technology, people who can use it, and yet who in our society, will never be referred to as a 'celebrity'.
daVinci Prostatectomy

I wonder if the fungus scraped from my 'Joc itch' has started to grow in the laboratory yet, or if it is still in it's envelope, in a drawer feeling a bit peckish by now? It must be confused, because it seemed happy on my groin and had got used to the routine of sleeping, warm and moist all night, being showered every morning and then having cream rubbed all over it; though it treated it as breakfast. Well be warned mystery fungus from Northern Cyprus, they will identify you soon and then send me the potion that will finish you off for good! Nothing personal you understand.

You know, I almost feel like the original 'Daniel', nobody at my school or even when I joined the Army was called that. Not like now, it is the chosen name in 'Chav Land', with shouts of "DANIEEEL!" ringing through every supermarket. I used to respond with shock every time, thinking I had done something wrong! Names run in generations don't they? In general, names like Arthur, Dobbin, Cyril, Iris, Hilda or Joan are from the 40's or 50's, and even though they do appear occasionally, we are now in a generation of Cherry pie, Autumn Wind, Sky Hawk and Dobongelbrin. OK I made the last one up, but that's the way it goes, as everyone strives to mark their child with the most original name in the playground. I thought I was being original with Chantal, Lucienne, Sasha, Maria, Sofia and Kyle; at the time, I didn't know anyone else with those names. I wasn't given a middle name, why not? I gave all my kids a middle name: Susanne, Danielle, Louisa, Alejandra, Noemy & Troy. The Maria and Sofia have several other names inherited from their natural parents. I figured that if they didn't like the first name, they could use the second one. If I could choose a middle name, I would go for 'Xavier', I always thought it sounded cool; Zavie Sencier! There are people with fairly ordinary names, who try and fiz them up, like Sharon, by pronouncing it Shaeron, or boys called Trevor who call themselves 'Thor Hammer' just doesn't work, does it? (see I didn't mention you Chaz :-) Then there are those who you ask their name, and they reply, "Anne". Then you ask them to spell it, and they say, "A, H, N, G". OK I'm exaggerating, but you know what I mean? Boys that get called 'Sue' learn to get tough quick, whereas girls that get called 'George' are delighted because it sounds sexy. When you are a little baby girl, being called 'Pixie' won't be as endearing when you are a 24 stone teenager, but maybe slightly better than the baby boy who is christened 'Hercules' and fails to make it past 7 stone. Taken to it's natural end, I suppose we will eventually have playgrounds full of children called, gsuebf, hdfvgdf, dsufy and gstrriuofjfh. Teachers will not be able to pronounce their names, so the kids will just have bar codes on their foreheads, which when scanned will reveal their name and kill head lice at the same time.

WARNING! As from tomorrow, some blog entries may start to become very short as my Uni work piles up. In fact, I may even have to miss some entries, as I spend 2 or 3 days, sleeping under a bush, waiting for the 'Great Spotted Bustard' to make it's once a year, 15 second mating dance. But hang in there with me, because we are running at over 70 hits a day on the site, and you don't want to miss the happy ending, do you?

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