Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Cornwall day 2

Today it was a visit to the Eden Project, but before that some important news. Josh and I are one ahead in a snooker contest against Rob and Ash, which will go on for the next two weeks!
The Eden Project was OK. Obviously designed to maximise the money it screwed out of you as you first paid the entrance fee of £23, then you could buy the guide book for £6 and after that the only thing you didn't pay for was the air that you were breathing, but only because they couldn't figure out how to do that yet! We got in for £12.50 because firstly we are students and secondly we lied and said we had walked there. You get a green discount for doing that, so dozens of people jump out of cars just before the entrance and muddy there shoes up before walking through the gate pretending to be out of breath. It is educational but is a complete rip off aimed at the working middle class. In 200 years time it will be the only way for the public in this country to see what a rain forest looks like, because travel will be too expensive and there won't be any rain forests for real anymore.

Found a great fish and chip shop in town so there's the food problem solved for 2 weeks, only down side is, it's closed on Sundays :-( 
So what about tomorrow? We are going to the Lizard... 
Down the bottom there. 
We are looking at more rock pools and I hope to try out the GoPro under water for the first time. Just the camera, not me :-) Weather holding out, not too bad for the time of year. 56 hits on the blog yesterday, great to have so many following our journey as we get nearer to leaving for Romania.

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