Friday, 20 April 2012

Cornwall day 5

Snooker 6-0 :-) Can we lose I ask?

Today we all headed down to 'Le Mont St Michel', a little island with a big house on it run by the National Trust. 

I'd been here last year with Beverley and it wasn't quite the same without her, but had a good laugh going round with Carly and J. He'd still not got over the shock of being greeted with us all singing happy birthday to him (not a pretty sound!) and presenting him with a cake for breakfast. The island is connected to the mainland by a causeway and today it was as busy as the M25. A constant flow of vehicles ferried apparently 'disabled' people to and from the island. Watching them get off at the other side they all appeared to be just overweight to me, the walk would have done them the world of good. I treated myself to a 'Cornish Cream Tea', 2 scones, a pot of tea, small jar of jam and a whole tub of double cream. I now had all the best ingredients for a heart attack, I had joined the fat people, but I managed it back to the car.

Then it was off to the coast again to carry on with my project. What is it, you ask in anticipation? I am measuring the changes in a mid tidal rock pool, between tides. Hey it's more interesting than it sounds, I've never had the chance before in my life to form a relationship with a family of limpets, a cluster of muscles and a hermit crab. I imagine them all looking up at me out of the rock-pool and discussing what I might be!

I saw an adder today, the first one I'd ever seen. Made my day because they are fairly rare but Carly managed to track this one down and we can now go back and film it later in the week. 

The weekend brings a mixture of things and I might have time to have a wash again and clean my teeth. If the weather is good we stay out and film, if not we can edit or eat. All in all at the end of the first week it's been great and I feel fitter than I have for years. If someone shot me with a tranquillising dart it wouldn't make me feel any more tired than I am now. Zzzzzzzz    

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