Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Cornwall day 9

Snooker 1 - 0 to the Yorkshire / Irish. I feel as if I have to lose a game soon, even by chance!

Our media guy Rob arrived last night, what a guy, he knows his stuff. Went through all our projects and gave us all a different perspective on things. I was making a film and now I'm writing a magazine article, how's that for change?

More shots from the pool...

I've been on the shore so long now that the seagulls don't fly away anymore. They just wave with one wing and squawk at me, knowing I always share my lunch. The fun you can have with a bag of chips on the beach, throwing them into the air as the gulls dog fight to get biggest share.

Went with J today, good to have someone to chat with. We've all got to know each other very well on this trip, that's been one of the best things about it. Spent a couple of hours at Gwithean before walking the beach to Godrevy. What a treat to find an ice-cream van at the top of the cliff path, I could have had another but I was already regurgitating it!

Back at base again now, editing and editing and editing!!!

What will tomorrow bring? You've got as much idea as me right now, but the forecast looks on the wet side.

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