Monday, 23 April 2012

Cornwall day 8

Snooker 6 - 0, so tonight we start the last possible combination of pairs...
 The Yorkshire  Irish Alliance v The Anglo French Crusaders.

I've shot loads of film today and it's all completely useless, because the light was crap. I'm calling it a rehearsal for tomorrow, when the sun may shine.

Some photos...
The rock pool!

Many mussels.

On the edge.

Rock pool location.

Not sure :-)
Our Scientist Helen went back today, flew from Newquay to Manchester (in a plane), that's as near as you can get to Cumbria.  Now our media lecturer Rob arrives this evening to see how our filming is coming along. He's with us until Friday but I'm hoping we might be able to leave a bit earlier with the Romanian trip so close. Plan is I finish all by Wednesday p.m.

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