Saturday, 21 April 2012

Cornwall day 6

So with a 6-0 victory for the French/Belgians over the English we all swapped around last night. Now it's the upstairs room against the downstairs room, and we are winning 2-0. First one to 6!

A day to catch up at last. No set times for anything, just a chance to do the laundry, tidy up a bit, watch the footie results coming in and get some shopping done. Arsenal v Chelsea today, after losing to Wigan I'm not sure how that will turn out. Low tide at 1231 so off down to do a quick hour on the rock pool when it's at it's clearest. Hope I can remember which one it is. Then before Monday I have to submit my production plan. What am I doing and why? You could apply that to any stage of your life, couldn't you? What are you doing this year and (really) why?

Some really eventful stuff going on with my children right now but I can't talk about all that as we have this agreement to keep their lives off the blog. Fair enough I think because we are not all the same. Some people are very private, and I come from a family who were brought up in a 'secret service' mentality, where everything was a secret. The name of the milkman, the day of the week or your co-op share number..."It's a secret"! I only found out  when I was 6 that my name was 'Daniel', when my father used it by accident one day instead of 'imbecile'. 
That's why as an adult now I have no secrets and my life is how I tell it. I laugh when I see people outside the bank covering the cash machine with their coat before putting in their pin number. When it's my turn, I stand to one side and make the key pad clearly visible to all behind me, reciting "4 6 1 9" as I tap my number in. Everyone behind me turns their heads and covers their eyes as if they were vampires who had just been shown a flaming crucifix. Why? It's nuts! I think I'll write a book one day on the 'barking mad society' that we live in.

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