Monday, 16 April 2012


Drove down yesterday, what a slog, 460 miles, my butt cheeks were numb all evening! Rob and Josh came with me, had a good laugh with Rob but Josh slept most the time :-) Cumbria to Cornwall, two of the most beautiful places in the world. The accommodation is great, we're staked out in a holiday camp with some very eccentric features. The bar sells Guinness and if you want food you press the button at the bar. A waitress comes out, takes your order, you pay her, she goes away and gets your change, gives it to you then takes your order to the kitchen. She won't come back again unless you press the button, even if there is a queue! They don't accept Scottish money!! Mad or what?? There's a pool and snooker table, and a swimming pool. I'm in the lounge bar now, nice and peaceful, but next door is the 'entertainment bar'. Sounds good yea, until you experience it. The adults are mainly all pissed, singing and dancing with the kids roaming around like lost sheep, except sheep don't smoke. At 12 midnight the 'adult entertainment' starts. That has to be better you'd think? No! The only difference by then is that all the adults can't walk anymore and are vomiting over the kids who have fallen asleep around the inside and outside of the building. It's like Centre Parcs without rules, but hey, we're not on holiday!

First day out today, great fun. Carly, J, Rob, Ash and Josh, along with me, all such different characters but the mix seems to work well and everyone really getting along. Our course leader Fiona and Helen our scientist are leading us into ideas for our projects which we have to have decided on by Wednesday pm. They are lovely people and determined to make this a great field trip. I'm looking forward to the next 2 weeks and curious as to what we will all produce. So far I'm drawn to tidal rock pools, not through suicidal tendencies, more of a link to my childhood. Carly and J photographed an adder today and found the skin of another...
A cornish pastie just had to be on the lunch time menu and it didn't dissapoint, though I suspect they are a bit like kebabs and contain bits of almost any animal with added magic 'taste good powder'!!  
We went to Liddle's and topped up on food on the way back. It's amazing what we all differently identify as food. A mixture from chocolate to pizza and fruit to sausages made from eyelids and toenails! We duplicated so many items and gradually started to throw out the duplicates as we got nearer the till. There was no way we needed 16 onions or 4 tubs of butter, though the softer toilet paper was a treat!
Tomorrow we are off to the Eden Project which I've always wanted to visit. The weather forecast is plenty of rain, so perhaps a good choice   :-)

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