Monday, 25 November 2013

Scottish Independence? Is the courage there?

Others fly out tomorrow on a mission to another neighbouring country, furthering the business, so Beverley and I are heading to the Apartheid Museum here in town. This will be a chance to catch up on the history that I remembered so well on the news only 20 years or so ago, but at the time didn't seem a reality. I didn't realise that most of the deaths during this time were caused by black African's on black African's, mainly during fights for territory and political positioning. Even so, it was a brutal time and one that formed what this great nation is today. 

I've found out why the traffic lights are often not working! People break into them and steal the copper wiring which fetches a very good price as scrap. I know we have a problem in the UK with copper being stolen near the railway lines. As the number of poor people grow, traffic lights and other public signs will become an easy and viable target in England.

It's 27C here today, a few clouds in the sky to provide occasional shade and the rumble of distant thunder heralding what may come later tonight. The Weaver Bird's 3rd nest is still standing, I've cracked open a cold beer early and the birds are singing….Mmmm.

"Why don't the Scottish want their independence?" I was asked today. I explained that many do but the majority had been subjugated for so long that they don't have their own will anymore. The English wealthy media owners help those weaker people to believe that they are better off shackled to London and so it'll never happen. Smaller countries than Scotland have become Independent and thrived as a result, but it took the passion that the Ancestors of the Scots once had and is sadly missing today.

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