Thursday, 28 November 2013

Nelson Mandela was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 1985….

28 years later at the age of 95 he's still clear; now there's hope for us all!

Went shopping today as we need EVERYTHING for our new home, a blank canvas waiting to be filled. Very exciting for us both as we've never started from scratch together, there's always been stuff from both our pasts. What did we get? Just scratched the surface today with a tin opener, some cutlery, a chopping board etc. but still in need of the big stuff, washing machine, fridge, beds, curtains, the next few weeks could be fun!

This afternoon, after a sunny start the sky started to darken and it only took an hour before it was nearly as black as night. Distant rumbles and then 'here we go again', continuos thunder and lightning for 2 hours and a deluge of rain, so heavy that no road markings were visible and the drains were exuding water. In the UK it would be deemed a 'red warning' by the met office but the locals shrug it off, nothing new to them. One lady in what was the car park now walked through the water which was covering her high heels and joked with me as I stood there in my wet t-shirt.

Our local Spar shop is not like the one's in the UK, it's huge, loads of very friendly staff and look, I'm not going to mention the prices again :-) All decked out for Christmas with carols playing, it was a strange feeling stepping out into the monsoon like rain, feeling warm and wet! 

My job today? Researching shop fitters and medical mobile units, what the hell would we do without the internet. 


  1. When I was studying oncology at Uni ( I studied radiotherapy at the Royal Marsden) they taught us that most men 70+ have prostate cancer but end up going undiagnosed and dying of something else. I think that implies it is way more common than you'd think...

  2. That's true Jemma and it generally seems to move slower the older you get. The health service in the UK will not perform surgery on a man over 75 for that reason, also balanced against the risk of a general anaesthetic. You were at the Royal Marsden? That's still got a great reputation and I know many men who've been treated there.

  3. Errrr.... I think it was Bishop Desmond Tutu who was diagnosed in 1985 (the year after me). Both of us are still here :-)