Friday, 16 July 2010

Beverley off shore somewhere taking her PADI deep water diving certificate today. I have found a nice little air conditioned bar where I can hide from the sun :-) Yesterday we went to a 6000 year old Neolithic site, tucked out of the way behind a massive modern hotel complex. We had to walk through the back of the kitchen area to reach it; not even the kitchen staff seemed aware of its importance until Beverley explained in her best sign language! They were such nice friendly people and very helpful, shaking hands as we left. After that we went to a turtle beach being looked after by Exeter University. We are going back to spend the night on the beach next Wednesday because this is the peak of the hatching season. If we are luck we may see 2 or 3 nest, hatch hundreds of tiny turtles who will then scramble down the beach! It will be our job to make sure we don't let foxes eat them along the way, and to help those who get out of breath before sun up. Well to me that is the biggest WOW possible! Possibly the low point of the trip so far was pulling off the road near the power station. A small shanty town of men only, living in squalid conditions by the road side, in tents and small huts. Some were on their daily walk to the sea for a wash, their clothes in tatters! We don't know the meaning of poverty in the UK, do we?

I have a Mother, 2 brothers, 2 sisters, a lot of Aunts and Uncles, Nephews and Nieces, all on my mothers side. My Fathers relatives were all killed during the war, whilst he was busy fighting through it! Firstly in 1936 as part of the Communists in the Spanish Civil War, then on to North Africa with the French Foreign Legion before ending up back in Europe. I have 35 first cousins who, on average, have 4 children each. Many of those children have children also, but big families do not mean close families. Take it from me; if you have a small family, don't ever wish you had a larger one. I am very luck to have some lovely friends.


  1. Anonymous16 July, 2010

    nice photo red suits you.Dont like the look of the hotelthough.all the best

  2. Hi Dan

    glad you have found Emilys, you will have to let us know where this neolithic site is I might be able to take Ann to meet her family hehehe, boy am I in trouble now. So glad you ar chilling and all of that fresh fruit n veggies will keep your energy up to cook for Bev as she will be knackered after the diving.