Thursday, 29 July 2010

This morning I posted 30 letters through the doors of the 30 houses nearest the tree, asking if they would give their support to my campaign. That was 5 hours ago and I have had one back; there's a start! I have also written to the Council asking them to tell me what relevant qualifications the 'Tree Officer' has. He might be an ex traffic warden who bought a chainsaw on E bay! I've also asked them to waive the time limit of 5 minutes on my presentation as I am dyspraxic. In return they have offered me 10 minutes. However I declined this, stating that it was the time limit that concerned me, not the amount of time.

The postman drifted past today with still NO APPOINTMENT. Can't believe it can you? Is that good news, bad news or just plain old meaningless?

Joined the Fantasy Football at Chantal's work place in London. The 'Daddy Cools' my team is called. The season kicks off on the 14th August so you have to plan well ahead.

Went to a scuba dive centre at Carnforth today; amazing place! An old flooded quarry, full of crystal clear water, brown trout, massive sturgeons and other fish. They have sunk a helicopter, aeroplane and several boats to make diving more interesting; that only happens during a war in some countries! I am going to take lessons there as soon as I find out what's happening at the hospital. I'm not very good in water, but what the hell, surely anyone can walk along the bottom?

Left my crystals out to be recharged by the full moon on 26th, that was 3 days ago so I better go and see if they are still on the shed roof. If you ever get the chance to see a film called 'Australia', with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, you'll love it. Well, I'm off to do 'walkabout' now, so see you down by the billabong for a yabber!

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  1. I reckon you should take your PADI in a pool Daniel, it's darned cold in Crap n' Pay! Simon's sister is a diver with <700 dives and Rescue certification, let me know if you want help!