Saturday, 3 July 2010

Tomato sauce (by the bucket) is now on the menu every meal! As part of my new diet, I have to include Lycopene, which comes in large doses with any processed tomato products; such as sauce and tinned tomatoes. Not fresh tomatoes funnily enough! Also, I have to eat plenty of oily fish (I thought they all were!), greens, fruit, nuts, beans and pulses. Mmmm I see a bad gas problem coming on!
Went to the Skelton Show today. First big country show of the season in the Penrith area. Fantastic sunny day with so much to see, and of course Beverley knew everybody and their kids.
Think I will use the Skelton Show as a marker next year to see how I am, one year on!

Two new followers on the blog....Katie, my life drawing teacher, fantastic person who was so patient and coped so well with me on the Access to Art & Design course. I progressed, in just a few weeks, from match stick men, to drawing what looked like a human, if you knew what a human should look like! Also hi to Demo, my good friend and solid man of principles, who lives on the hills overlooking Ullswater; a heaven on earth. Great to have you both on the blog; bringing us up to 14.......means so much to me and thank you.

So Germany have thrashed Argentina, just as Andre and I predicted, and go marching on to meet, probably Spain in the semi finals. Can you imagine an England team scoring 4 goals in three seperate world cup matches? Great to hear from my daughter Chantal today, can't understand how her, Luci and Beverley are all above me in the fantasy football league; I think money changed hands somewhere!

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