Tuesday, 6 July 2010

MRI scan went as planned yesterday; a strange experience. They need to know if you have any kind of metal implants in or on your body. They explained that once the machine is switched on, any metal will just shoot out and stick to the roof of the chamber, regardless of what it has to pass through!! Well I thought about every question very carefully after that! I had a serious operation on my abdomen when I was 19, what if they had left a pair of surgical pliers inside me? 40 minutes sliding in and out of the white tunnel, lots of dinging and donging whilst the giant magnets power through you like a ready meal being microwaved. That's it, now the two week wait for the results, pheeeewww!
Welcome to the blog Sylvia. If I am a roman soldier, Sylvia is a Gladiator; a true inspiration to everyone she knows and a lovely person.
So I was going to have lunch with Lyndall in Barrow today, but I have been driving so much to the hospital lately, I just couldn't face the long journey. It would have been lovely to see Lyndall but hopefully, we can do that soon. Instead I went the 3 miles to Larch Cottage and had a fantastic day with Denise and Julie. I have never seen such a variety of flowers and insects in one day; lunch was as good as the company. We all looked around the ceramics display, experts now of course! We then talked everything... from reincarnation to dog psychology. When you have friends like that, things seem so much easier.
Ahhh back to football tonight; Uruguay and Holland. Who will win? Holland I expect; but then I thought England would win the World Cup!

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  1. Hope you had your macro lens with you for the bugs! :) glad the scan was ok! xx