Saturday, 10 July 2010

Cyprus tomorrow, and for the first time there will be no daily blog entry on Sunday! How will I cope? Feel a bit knackered today but then I am always that way in the warmer weather. Just heard that it's roasting in Cyprus so might have to find a dark wet cave, with Internet connection, to hang out in. We fly from Luton at 5pm, so up in the air for the full duration of the world cup final; how the hell did I plan that? I can understand why the flight was so cheap, probably just us and the pilot on the plane. Looking forward to being away though.

Beverley is taking her Padi Scuba diving qualification, a four day course which she has always wanted to do. She's good in the water; last time I went for a dip with her, she overtook me like a sea lion being followed by a shark! She then disappeared into an underwater cave system for half an hour. It was a cross between a day out with Tarka the otter and Flipper the dolphin!

Don't panic if the blog doesn't start up again on Monday. I have my laptop with me but need to put some credit on the 'dongle', I think it's called. I have been overwhelmed by the amount of visitors to the blog and all the positive vibes that have come to me as a result. It really does help, not only me, but Beverley and the kids.

Well, just the packing now, a takeaway at lovely Anne's (who was kind enough to loan us her villa in Cyprus) and a good nights sleep before the journey. Catch you all soon :-)

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  1. Bugger tried to post a comment and now it dissapeared, never mind here goes again. Flying while the world cup final is on that was well planned ?????. the dongle works fine all over the north part of the island so while you are chilling on the deck and Bev is diving you can keep us up to date. By the way the EFFES beer and Angora wine are good. You n Bev have a great hol.