Thursday, 8 July 2010

There is a pine tree across the road from our house; outside the old empty tax office. I've never really noticed it before; until last week when a yellow notice was tied to it. A 'planning application', it was called, and the plan being, someone wanted to cut the tree down! There it was, perfectly healthy, rustling in the breeze, minding its own business and providing a home for numerous insects and birds; but someone just simply didn't like it being there. Well so many people have been helping me this last month, but who was going to help this tree? It couldn't walk down to the planning office, it can't shout for help when the men with axes come; I was it's only hope! So I have made an official application to save it and sent a copy to the local newspaper. It seems happier today somehow; I think it feels that it's in with a chance. I will keep you updated.

Well, the barium meal was almost as I had expected. I arrived on time, was seen immediately and after 15 minutes, was told that my throat and stomach were absolutely fine. Pheeeww! Imagine squirting 4 tubes of toothpaste into a beaker, adding a little water and a sprinkle of chalk and then stirring vigorously. Well that's what I had to fill my mouth with, a dozen times, only swallowing when the radiologist shouted the magic word. When he turned me upside down, after filling my mouth, I think he was surprised that I already knew that you can swallow stuff even in that position. This was because when I used to run pubs, I would often hold competitions for the locals to see who could stand on their head and drink a pint of beer the fastest!

I was wrong, Spain went through to join Holland in the football final! I went to the chippy before the match, Beverley was going for a night out with Anne so I was having a 'dream night' in! As I approached the chippy, a nice girl outside, in school uniform, said "hi, how are you?" I looked behind me, she must be talking to a friend, I thought. No, it was me! So not wanting to offend, I returned her greeting with a smile. She said, "my mums inside". Panic set in; I had travelled the world, but was I in Penrith about 15 years ago? My god, yes, I had left in 1994! I walked in to be greeted by Diane, as always with a big smile and laughing her head off as I recovered! I just hope that the cluster of people waiting for their fish suppers were not put off too much as we talked through the various symptoms and discharges involved in prostate and bladder problems.

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