Friday, 2 July 2010

What a strange day! Had exchanged 20 texts before noon. Met Nikki for lunch in Carlisle then Jean joined us. Lots of chat and plenty of laughs. The MacMillan Cancer support vehicle was in the town centre; I've never really noticed it before! Denise nearly joined us but didn't quite make it because she chose the 'self scan' option in the Supermarket!! Lovely sunny day, had a few beers, nice lunch, bought some trousers (not that I wasn't wearing any!) then train back to Penrith. Just in time to see Brazil being knocked out of the World Cup by Holland...Yeeesss!!!!
Feeling great today and going to a dinner dance tonight. Beverley's end of term do. Wall to wall teachers and parents, eeeekk!!
Just heard from my brother Andre who is now following the Blog in the only way he can! Hi Andre, you're a great guy!
Was very looking forward to going to Newcastle with my 'access group' on Tuesday, but had to pull out. Denise will explain why and I am sure you will all understand, because you are such nice people and I really value your friendship.
Skelton Show tomorrow; sheep, cumberland wrestling and farmers; what a mix! Blood, sweat and tears!
Well it's good not to have to talk about anything too serious today; roll on the weekend!

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