Sunday, 4 July 2010

Big day tomorrow, my MRI scan! Well, not such a big day, after all I get no results tomorrow, they come between 2 to 3 weeks later. Now that will be a VERY big day! I've never had an MRI scan before but I have talked to people who have. You are stuck in a claustrophobic white tunnel for over an hour, only in sound contact through earphones with the radiologist. I am told it's a bit noisy and to have a good wee beforehand, because once you're in there you could short circuit the equipment if you became anxious! I have to inform them if I have any metal parts in my body, so will try to avoid areas of conflict today! There could also be a problem if my weight is more than 30 stone; I tend to agree with that!
I have become a world leading expert in prostate cancer; well you do, don't you? I ran pubs for 20 years and worked in aircraft engineering for 10 years, but I know more about cancer in 3 weeks than I learnt about those two professions in 30 years! I've decided that I must be a very lazy learner. If it matters, my brain will retain it, if it doesn't then I don't even try. I knew there was something wrong when I was a teenager. I could never remember whether to get on the number 7, 7A, 8 or 9 to get me home during the day. But at 2am, drunk as a skunk in a disco, if a girl gave me her 12 digit phone number and address, it would be etched on my memory, even when I was trying to hold down my egg butty the following morning!
I have a +90% survival chance over 5 years. Apparently, the average person has a +99% survival chance over 5 years. Who is that average person? Is he one of the people shot in Cumbria by a taxi driver a few weeks ago? Was she on one of the buses, blown up outside a mosque in Pakistan last week? Or maybe they were in the Twin Towers when those planes hit? The average that you?


  1. Good luck tomorrow! hopefully you'll find the experience ok.. I know people who found it a little uneasy, however i had a 30 minute MRI not so long ago and have to say that i found it absolutely fine :) a little strange to say the least - being in a big tube & not being able to move (dont get an itch!! haha) whilst there also sounds like someones doing roadworks with a big drill nearby! :) but they generally pipe music into it for you, and i found that after a few minutes my thoughts took me off some place else - and before i knew it, it was finished!

    Did you manage to lose weight for it then..? .. last time i saw you, you were definitely tipping the scales at 31 stone id say ;)

    Anyway - text me when youre out & let me know how you got on!! .. or before you go in if you want a distracting yak! :) .. is Beverly going with you?

    Ooh.. Youll be happy to see im still 2nd place on the fantasy footie team :-D haha.. at least youre above mum now so only 3 more ladies to beat! ;) xxx

  2. Thanks Luci, not too worried about the MRI, it's the result eeekkkk! I'm sure I will squeeze in somehow! Beverley not going with me but she will when I get the results. Yea, the footie! You can be really fucked on transfers at the end hey? One of my reserves now is a South Korean player worth 3 million!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Ahh let's see PEACEFUL MRI SCAN WITH MUSIC v SCHOOL SPORTS DAY..........mmmmm I think you might be the winner there Sencier!!!!

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