Sunday, 25 July 2010

The unexplained blotches in my groin area seem to be fading over the last two days. Very slowly, but that’s surely got to be better than getting worse? Other than that I must admit to feeling very healthy, even though slightly over fed and a bit over exposed to the Sun.

Well after yesterday’s visit to St. Helion Castle it was off to Kantara Castle today; and wow, just as good! Believe this, we were at this site for about three hours and not one other visitor showed up. It is a very remote location but this was a summer weekend, where was everyone? We paid the equivalent of £2.50 each to have a whole castle in Cyprus to ourselves for the morning; what a bargain!

Lunch was at a Turkish fresh fish restaurant, where I tried to explain to the waitress in sign language, that even though Beverley was ok if most of the things on her plate were alive or just dying, I wanted a piece of fish. No eyes, skin, tail, bones or dangly bits waving at me, just a nice square fillet of white fish. Ok, you’re thinking, ‘pathetic!’, but we are all brought up differently. My daughter Chantal would catch her own fish, kill it, skin and gut it and then cook and eat it. Brilliant! Wish I was the same; I’m not! I almost got my wish, there were bones and skin but what a great lunch. We sat by a window overlooking the sea, watching a Praying Mantas take up position for his lunch in a shrub no more than a meter away. He must have been a special needs one, because he had caught nothing by the time we had finished and I saw other insects flying past laughing at him.

I’ve stopped telling you about the near misses we are having on the road. Not because they have stopped happening, there are so many times we cheat death in a day that it’s becoming boring! Today we were on a new main road, travelling at speed, then the road just ended. It turned into a dust track with large rocks scattered about. That’s as far as the road had been built, but nobody put a sign up to say so! Having no signs for anything keeps you extremely alert, believe me!

Flying back later this evening, well take off is just after midnight arghh! I hate flying and would happily go back on a boat even if it took a month or more. I love it here in Northern Cyprus, the people, the castles, the food....the temperature? When I get back, the first time it rains I will stand outside looking up at the sky as the drops bounce off my face. Yes, I miss the rain!

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