Saturday, 17 July 2010

Nice dinner out last night where we were joined by a starving kitten. It was also a bit lame and the restaurant owner was very annoyed when we started feeding it. I don't like cats because I really like birds. Cats torture birds to death, just for fun, not even for food; an estimated 1.5 million a year die just in the UK. But it's not in my nature to see anything suffering, so I shared my supper, knowing that this cat could have at least one good nights sleep!

Dropped Beverley at the dive centre this morning, she loved it yesterday. The instructor, Simon took some great photos underwater and said she was on track to complete her PADI certification on time. I went back to put the washing out; the first shirt being dry by the time I put the last one up. Then I went up into the hills in the car where it is a bit cooler, just to admire this rugged, dry but beautiful island.

As you drive through Northern Cyprus there are many military bases where you are not allowed to stop to look or take photos. Well I can understand that; it happens in many countries. Though come to think of it, driving through the USA, UK or France, they don't mind you stopping and looking; after all, they are not going to leave the plans for their latest weapons out on the roadside, are they? The reason here is different. Many of the troops you see at check points and in bunkers are dummies. No not stupid, I mean they are plastic figurines. The reason they don't want you to stop is because you just might die laughing. So there's a solution to all the manning problems and overtime bills in our Police Force!

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