Thursday, 15 July 2010

Still taking these Lycopene capsules, they supposedly not only slow the growth of tumours, but also can reduce their size by up to 30%. 2 a day, and they cost £35 for a tub of 90. If they were so good, wouldn’t my specialist have recommended them? Well at this stage I will try anything, though I put much more faith in the two white crystals given to me by my Wican friend, Maureen.

Beverley is still studying frantically for her PADI scuba diving theory test. She’s very lucky, she seems to retain everything she reads; my mind doesn’t work that way. About a year ago, after I was found to have difficulties with learning at the University, I was sent for a series of tests. These included testing my memory, logic, IQ, (I was in top 8%) and even holding my arms out, closing my eyes, then quickly trying to touch my nose. I laughed; that was until I stabbed my finger into my eye! I was found to have dyspraxia and dyslexia; which immediately explained so much in my past life, way back to school days. I no longer have any of the physical problems associated with dyspraxia; you shrug most of those off as you go through the years. I did get stuck with most of the mental symptoms, but have developed coping strategise as time has passed. My main problems are: organising and understanding information, short term memory, following detailed instructions, retaining information that I have read and orientation. So you wouldn’t want me as the pilot when you are going on holiday! I have to keep daily and weekly lists, even putting numbers beside tasks so that I know which order to do them in. I have never read a book, there was no point; when I got to page 3, I would have forgotten page 1. My learning has nearly all been through TV, radio & films. Facial recognition is also another big problem; it was when I was meeting a girl from the night before, the day after! ‘Well I guess she must be the one walking up to me now, smiling; or is that her friend?’
My assessor put it very kindly; he said…. ‘Everyone is born with a toolbox, but some of the tools in your box were missing! The key thing is not to try and find those tools because you never will. What I can do though, is give you the knowledge, equipment and strategies, to replace those missing tools.’ To me, it came in the form of the Disabled Students Allowance; a fantastic package covering equipment, IT and learning skills training, which included all sorts of other helpful things, such as extra time for exams and overlays for reading etc.

I am so looking forward to starting my degree in ‘Adventure & Media’ this September. Cumbria University have been amazingly good, in that they have promised to fit my timetable around any problems I have with hospital; even extending the length of time for the degree or putting the less physical modules nearer the start of the year.

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