Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Started making up some boxes today for the kids and others. Not because I think that my end is near, because I don’t. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, but it’s something that never got near the top of my list. My past could be described as complex. Most of the things I have carried through life have been in my mind, and as I was not blessed with a great memory....well you see the problem. I do however, have a suitcase and a few boxes, full of kids first shoes, locks of hair, photos, baptism certificates; you know the kind of stuff? Well I really need to sort this all into appropriate boxes, then give those to the right people soon, otherwise it will be chaos for the kids one day.
Got the ‘Lakeland Walker’ this morning with the photo I submitted for their monthly competition. It’s not that I was picked as one of the winners that impressed me, but the fact that my photo was of sheep! Sheep in the Lake District? You must think I searched for days before I came across this rare phenomenon! The prize....a pair of top quality, medium wear, size 12 walking socks! It’s a start!
Going for a Barium Meal at 3.15pm today, so not allowed food or drink for 6 hours before. At the hospital I have to swallow some crystals that fill my stomach with gas; I told them a King Prawn Vindaloo would do the trick but they thought I was joking. I then have to eat a radioactive, blackcurrant flavoured porridge, whilst sitting behind an x-ray screen. After that, they tilt the screen in different directions to see where the porridge goes; which could be straight back out again! They tell me it’s completely harmless and I should not worry. They will be watching me from a lead lined bunker and they say I won’t need to use toilet duck to clean my toilet for the next week; my urine will kill anything it touches!!
Well, I was right about Holland last night, and tonight we have Germany v Spain. Well if Spain win, my fantasy football team for the final will be a dream; but my prediction is...Germany!


  1. We'll have a clean toilet at least!!!

  2. .. and the scent of Blackcurrant may be better than the vindaloo eh Bev! ;) xx