Monday, 5 July 2010

Getting cancer and winning the lottery have things in common. I don't mean the £10 that I have won twice, I mean the jackpot millions! I saw a programme on tv once, where people had won vast amounts. They lost all their closest friends overnight and made a complete set of new ones within days! Some of their family were delighted and others stopped speaking to them.
With cancer, not all, but most people in your life change instantly. (ha ha, and so do you!) The very closest people to you become even closer and even more united with each other; which is lovely. Some people, who you thought were your very good friends, back off completely. Others, who you knew at a distance, are suddenly there in full support. More distant family tend to become very distant. People will cross the street to avoid talking to you! Yes, I didn't believe that before, but it happens to me daily. People all have their own way of dealing with things, so I don't judge any of this behaviour; I just find it curious. It's a strange phenomena which I can't work out; can you?
I spent years wishing I could win the lottery, but I always knew that while I was healthy, I was winning every week.
A big welcome to John and Roy as followers, two of my ex Army buddy's who I will be joining in Harrogate, this coming May, one way or another, for our 44th reunion!!!
Tried to ring my 'key worker' this morning; that special person who is there for you 24 hours a day once you get the big 'C'. Just the usual voice message and no call back four hours later. I wonder if they are really at a call centre in India!

Well it's off for the big scan now. We are so lucky to live in a country with this kind of equipment, when over a third of the worlds population can't even drink clean water. Don't you think?

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  1. Anonymous05 July, 2010

    all the best big boy you will be ok