Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Well where to start!!! I thought that doing this blog from Cyprus would be easy# I am using a turkish key board and punctuation is just not available to me # I can just use # or / so sorry! Youll figure it out! I brought my new Mac PC with me but it is not compatible even with the latest stuff over here#The story is far longer but to cut it short/I will do an entry on here possibly every other day at this little internet cafe in the centre of Kyrenia#It gets me out of the heat which is a bonus/We didnt get in until after mid night on Sunday so it was then that I found Spain had won the World Cup# I dont know but I guess I must have done ok in the fantasy football#Monday and Tuesday we are just settling in/A walk along the beach this morning at 7am/well we did go to bed at 9pm# Its so hot between 10am and 4pm that you need to be inside#

I am feeling pretty good # There is a tendancy when you have cancer to think that every slight itch /pain or spot is the thing spreading# I am begining to laugh that off now because it is just panic/ you begin to relax a bit with it all#I am going to try and use E Mail now/bet that will be a problem too#Will write again in a couple of days and hope you are all cooler than me and having a good summer_ shit/ even a question mark is not possible!!!!!

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  1. Anonymous13 July, 2010

    Glad you touched down OK Pops!

    You came third in the Fantasy league in the end which isn't too bad considering your major malfunction in understanding substitutes!

    I of course stole the trophy and will collect my glory next time I see you x!

    Have a great holiday, love you lots

    Bonti x